Kingdom Rush Mod Apk v5.8.05 (Unlimited Money) Download 2023

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Kingdom Rush Mod Apk v5.8.05 (Unlimited Money) Download 2023
Name Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense
Publisher Ironhide Games
Version v5.8.05
Size 180MB
Get it On Google Play
Updated May 3, 2023
MOD Features {Unlimited Gems}

Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense

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What is Kingdom Rush Mod Apk?

There are many strategy games available on the internet However, they are not as well-known in the same way as King Rush – one of the top tower defense strategy games ever! Not just one, but all games from the Kingdom Rush series including Kingdom Rush Frontier,

Kingdom Rush Origin and Kingdom Rush Vengeance have been very highly acclaimed by players of the genre of tower defense. The majority of the games of the brand have received very favorable reviews from players and have received extremely good ratings on all platforms like android, iOS, and steam.

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Features of Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense Mod Apk: –

A vast kingdom that has an array of spells & towers at your fingertips!

The game’s plot is set in a huge kingdom, which is being hit by an attack of fierce creatures. The player’s task is to control the kingdom’s armies, split into four towers that fight the monster hoard. The four towers that are basic represent the four armies of the kingdom which include archers, militia, and mages, as well as bombard.

The militia barracks can produce soldiers that block the path of the monster and archer towers shoot arrows towards a particular monster, causing physical harm until they pass out or fall out of reach. Mage towers cause magic damage that can evade armor, and bombard towers inflict AoE damage to a set of monsters. They can be upgraded and transformed into 16 towers, not just changing their appearance, but also their damage output. Additionally, there are towers only available on specific maps.

Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense 1

Campaign mode

The default game mode is Campaign mode. Upon completing each level, players are awarded between 1 and 3 stars depending on the level of success it was played, determined by the number of lives remaining when they finish the stage. Once you have completed all maps in the campaign with 3 stars or more, Heroic Challenge, Iron Challenge, and Endless Mode Challenge will be removed. Players can pick the level of difficulty for the maps from Normal, Casual, and Veteran at the beginning of each stage.

The difficulty alters how many Hit Points are used by the enemies. The monsters of Kingdom Rush are also a strong force that includes more than 60 monsters, along with eleven powerful bosses. Each one has distinct indexes, and players will be warned prior to the start of the round. Thus, players need to think up and build towers with the greatest efficiency and strategic thinking.

Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense 2

“Rain of fire”

In addition to towers of strength, In addition, players are equipped with two spells that are unique to the game. They include “Rain of fire” and “Call reinforcements”. “Call reinforcement” is the most basic spell in the game. Once cast it can produce two soldiers who last for a specific amount of time. They will buy time by battling non-flying enemies. In contrast “Rain of fire” is the second spell.

Once cast, it will call forth a number of meters in the area and cause real destruction – damage that is insensitive to defenses and magic defense against all enemies within. In addition to the design and upgrading of the towers, the successful use of spells will result in victory or defeat at the end of each level.

Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense 3

The variety of heroes & the upgrade system!

Another aspect of Kingdom Rush is heroes. Heroes are unique units managed by the player. They are commanded to move around the game and they have skills that are unique to heroes. Like other units in the game, Heroes get experience from battles to combat and grow stronger.

Heroes share the same stats as opponents, such as hit-point attacks, armor, and speed. The stats vary between one hero and the next and are designed so that each character has distinct advantages and disadvantages. While heroes are formidable, however, they’re not impervious. When heroes are defeated, they instantly begin to heal and return after a certain amount of time.

Heroes start at level 1. They gain experience over an entire level, by attacking opponents and completing the level at level 10. As they progress through levels, they get a boost to their HP and attack strength. After a level is completed the hero is reverted back to the level. Hero stats are assessed on a scale of 0 through 8 in relation to Health and Attack, as well as Ranged Attacks, and Speed. Heroes are able to use two abilities. that are not available until they reach certain levels and increase in power, just like their different stats will do.

There are three standard and free-to-play heroes, which include Sir. Gerald The Lightseeker, Alleria the Swiftwind, and Malik the Hammerfury Other heroes are premium and accessible through in-game purchases. In the first place, Sir. Gerald has a formidable melee character, with good health, and average attack speed and his abilities are capable of increasing the power of his allies and reflecting damage back to the enemy.

Then, Alleria is an elite Markman from the elf world, with low hit points, and weak melee damage, but high damage range and speed. This ability lets her shoot multiple targets simultaneously and summon wild cats to defend her as a frontline. Then, Malik – a giant with a massive hammer that can smash his enemies, and despite his slow speed Malik is extremely strong and can deal with real damage and stun an opponent. Others heroes with their skills are waiting to be discovered by you explore within the games!

Additionally, Kingdom Rush also has an upgrade system. With the help of stars earned after each level, players have the option to upgrade their towers by upgrading 4 and two spells to make them more effective. These upgrades can boost attack power and attack speed or the attack range of the tower, while both spells become more efficient and decrease the time between cooldowns.

Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense 4

Attractive graphic!

Kingdom Rush brand is not brand new to the game however the excitement that the sport has not diminished over time. One reason is the fact that it’s simple and easy to play the game. It’s available for download on Flash, Android, iOs, and Steam and 3 over 4 is available for installation and enjoyment. Additionally, with adorable Chibi-style graphics, the game is made it easy to win the hearts of gamers from any age group.

It’s not just the reason why players choose Kingdom rush. The main reason that keeps them playing is the strategic element which requires constant adaptation to every level in the game. Up to this point, the game is considered to be the game played by children of many people and has been recognized by many as the top tower defense game ever created.

Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense 5

MOD Info: –

{Unlimited Gems}

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How to Download & Install Kingdom Rush MOD APK 2023?

1- Download Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense Mod Apk From Below Link.

2- Install the Kingdom Rush Mod Apk (”Allow from this source” if asked)

3- Open the Kingdom Rush App

4- Enjoy 😎

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