War Robots Mod Apk v8.6.6 {Unlimited Gold & Silver} 2023

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War Robots Mod Apk v8.6.6 {Unlimited Gold & Silver} 2023
Name War Robots Multiplayer Battles
Publisher ApkParty.Com
Version v8.6.6
Size 110MB
Get it On Google Play
Updated December 17, 2022
MOD Features {Unlimited Everything}

war robots

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What is War Robots Mod Apk?

War Robots is the biggest shooter game featuring gigantic robots that can fit in your pocket. Take part in thrilling PvP fights against opponents from around the world, and demonstrate to them who’s the smartest fastest, most powerful pilot around! Be ready for surprise attacks, complex tactics, and many other tricks to put up your sleeves. Destroy! Capture! Upgrade! Get stronger and show yourself to be the most effective mech leader on War Robots. War Robots online universe!

A lot of people are confused when we inform them to choose the modified version of war robots instead of the regular version. The reason is simple In this version, you can enjoy the best features of the game that require players to shell out a certain amount. Modified versions are designed so that you can enjoy the ability to control it to the very final. There aren’t any loose ends in this game, since once you begin playing it, you’ll be hooked to it.

There are a variety of modes to choose from that you can pick to play an individual game where you have the option of destroying every robot you encounter along the way or playing together with your team. The option is yours to pick the kind of game you would like to play, and how intense it is. The most appealing aspect of this version is that it allows you to modify the fundamental aspects of your characters, and then play according to them.


If you’re searching for a War Robots Mod Apk this is a great option because this game has been designed for those who enjoy endless adventure and excitement. You can download the most recent version of the game at no cost. War robots give you the battle between robots who are dumb, making you feel like you’re the hero in this game. That’s the most enjoyable thing about it.

War robots provide you with a PvP multiplayer battle that is more thrilling than anything else. Fighting against the robots who have more power than you could give you an impression of unease at times but it shouldn’t hinder players from taking part in it since this mod edition of War Robots has been the perfect approach to give you an action-packed gaming experience in your hands in a matter of minutes.

The developers of this game are PIXONIC. They understand how to design the perfect kind of action game that can keep players more glued to it, more than a typical game. A lot of robots will be equipped with powerful guns, and now you have to take on the enemy and maintain your place.

You’ll need to apply your skills to the job or task that is assigned to you. The greatest thing about war robots is the game effects the creators have developed and that could hook you. It doesn’t matter if it’s the blast of the guns or the action-oriented actions by your team, it’s all amazing.

Dive into this fantastic robotic shooter that will take you to the future as you embark on an incredible adventure in The War of Robots. You can become the capable soldier you’re destined to be when you take on the most challenging tasks and eliminate your enemies along the way.

Join millions of gamers from around the globe with these amazing shooter games. Take a seat in your powerful robot armor and discover its incredible capabilities. Bring your favorite robot into the battles and offer them incredible upgrades so that you can gain powerful attack capabilities on them.

Players are playing as competent military commanders who want to take part in the largest robotic battles, which gather the top commanders from around the world. Select your favorite robots each having its distinct capabilities and strengths. Choose the one you prefer to battle. Make it the most powerful upgrade so that you will have advantages over your opponents.

war robots mod apk

The goal of each game is to allow you as well as your team to safeguard the beacons of importance and protect them from hostile attacks. Gamers will have access to battles for teams that support up to 6 players per team. It is therefore essential to study the tactical aspects thoroughly and make the correct choices to win the game.

With more than four million games downloaded on Play Store and a huge fan base on YouTube, War Robots is one of the most popular mobile games of this time. Like most mobile games, to experience the game to the fullest you’re required to spend dollars to upgrade and unlock new robots. And there are plenty to choose from. If you want to play with your friends or by yourself or go it alone, that’s War Robots, the premium multiplayer PVP game for Android.

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Features of War Robots Mod Apk: –

A plethora of modes are available

You can take part in the battle with your friends or simply play a player vs. player match. There’s plenty of fun to be had in this game, which is more beneficial than in other games. There’s an arena game that allows you to go there and demonstrate what kind of skills you’ve developed. There is the option of inviting a few of your friends to an online game and challenging them. With so many choices to pick from, it’s simple to play an action-based game such as this one.

A Large Gamers Community

A more extensive Community of players can help you participate even when all your friends are not online or at work. This community is the main reason that a lot of new gamers sign up for the game and begin playing because every person who is untrusted to one person can turn into friends in a relatively brief amount of time.

You can join an active large Community of players with the same expertise as you and be ahead of your competition. When you do this it is much easy to play war robots with different kinds of games.

Various Types Of Robots

If we are talking about the mods to War Robots it’s unfair if we didn’t have the possibility of unlimited robots. With this update to the game, you will be able to utilize different types of robots in different action zones. In this area, you will see acid tanks advancing toward your position, and you need to utilize the necessary tools and skills to defend.

With this new update, you’ll get to meet the brand new robot, named Scorpion and it will be more deadly and powerful than you had hoped for. If you own an extensive collection of robots and you have a lot of them, it is simple to defeat all kinds of enemies before you.

Different Background Stories

There’s plenty of room for imagination and that is the reason you can see so many stories of robots’ backgrounds. Every robot you come across includes the story behind it as well as the specifics of the characters that make it more valuable than expected. If the robot you’re playing has a fascinating background story and a fantastic audio effect, your game gets more engaging and exciting.

Different robots with distinct capabilities

In the beginning players in War Robots will find themselves having access to an enormous collection of robots that include fifty of the best formidable fighting machines in the world. Each one of them has unique strengths and capabilities, it will be simple for you to choose your favorite and modify your strategies for the sport. Discover unique fighting styles using specific robots and learn the right style to match your own while learning how to become a star on War Robots.

A wide variety of commanders

Additionally, the game offers various commanders. They are divided into various classes. This means you can select an appropriate commander to put into your massive combat machines and then take them into fights.

Utilize the complementing features between the commanders as well as the robots to make the most efficient combinations of your own.

To increase the capabilities of your leader, you can upgrade them to gain better statistics and more powerful abilities.

In-depth gameplay that includes a variety of options

In contrast to the typical shooter titles available on smartphones, players playing War Robots will find themselves enjoying the engaging gameplay. With numerous strategies and approaches to learning, players will have their methods to win. From facing opponents head-to-head or unleashing brutal attacks, to creating traps and luring players into traps, you will be able to experience new ways of fighting with the game War Robot.

You are free to modify your robots

Gamers in War Robots will find themselves getting access to the amazing modifications that are available within the games. In conjunction with the unique capabilities of specific robots, you can equip them with a variety of weapons to improve their capabilities and power during battle. You can equip your robots of choice with all kinds of awesome capabilities that are available on the map.

Simple controls and fun mechanics

The combat that takes place in War Robots will come relatively easy if you’re used to the typical FPS games, as they don’t have too many modifications. However, players will find the game easy and enjoyable during the initial stages.

However, this does not mean that it’s easy in any way. Remember that you’re playing the most skilled commanders across the globe. You must try your best, or you’ll be unable to win the battle even if you try.

Enjoy multiplayer gaming with gamers online from across the globe

Because it’s an FPS game, a lot of players will enjoy playing online. In this case, on War Robots, you’ll have access to the thrilling multiplayer experience with top gamers online around the world.

Begin by joining the clans of power or creating one for yourself and your buddies. You’ll enjoy a lot of fun guiding them through endless challenges and ascending the leaderboards.

Experience the game on your own

If you’re looking for the challenge of a solo player, you can also gain the experience of a lifetime in the Arena or Free-for-All game. You can challenge the top War Robots leaders. Be successful against them and strive to become at the top. Play epic battles ranked and are eligible for the Hall of Fame. Ascend the ranks from Newbie to Champion.

The latest features get added each time an update is released.

Since it’s a brand-new game with an increasing number of players, War Robots is prompted to release frequent and reliable updates. This means that you’ll get lots of delightful surprises every time you get an update. Be sure to be on the lookout for this as it will be there in a flash.

Strategy as well as Action

Although the battles are exciting the game is also based on the strategic performance of your team. Are you aware that a large portion of opponents has close quarters with high damage? You’ll require robust Robots to take on the assaults or alter your arsenal to deal long-range damage to eliminate them before they can reach you. There is a myriad of various guides online that explain the pros and cons of many of the robots on the market. Keep in mind that with this mod app, you’ll require cash to unlock them all.

Play for free

Despite the incredible features mentioned, however, the game is accessible to all Android players to play. In any case, you can get it downloaded on mobile devices and download the app from Google Play Store, for absolutely nothing.


With amazing 3D graphics, players playing War Robot will find themselves playing console-quality games on their smartphones. If you’d like to experience more graphics the customizable graphics settings are available to play with. Enjoy this incredible shooter game even on old phones.


With immersive and impactful sound experiences. War Robots bring gamers into the real battleground. Experience intense explosions, lively chats, and much much more. In addition for those who love playing with other teams, then voice chat will be useful to you.

MOD Info: –

1- Unlimited bullet

2- Dumb enemy 

3- Speed Multiplier

4- Increase Movement Speed

5- Set Jump Height

6- Increase Jump Distance

7- No Gravity 

8- Removes Gravity

9- Bots don’t shoot

10- Bot controlled robots won’t shoot

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How to Download & Install War Robots MOD APK 2023?

1- Download War Robots Mod Apk From Below Link.

2- Install the War Robots Apk (”Allow from this source” if asked)

3- Open the War Robots App

4- Enjoy 😎

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