Heroes Charge Mod Apk v2.1.385 {Unlimited Everything} 2023

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Heroes Charge Mod Apk v2.1.385 {Unlimited Everything} 2023
Name Heroes Charge
Publisher uCool
Version v2.1.385
Get it On Google Play
Updated December 30, 2022
MOD Features Unlimited Everything

hereos charge

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What is Heroes Charge Mod Apk?

Heroes Charge is a 2D game with images with a cartoonish style, and a wide range of colors. images of characters geared toward Chibi are charming and funny. Because of this, the game can attract players from the very first glance. Additionally, the game’s challenges are varied, with numerous tracks that are suitable for every circumstance.

The games of Heroes Charge take place on the same screen. Players can choose the automatic mode or play using the abilities of the character. Additionally, players can instantly stop the game they’ve played before.

This mode can be used to boost your experience points as well as earn gold and valuable items. The players in Heroes Charge also enjoy other options similar to the modern role-playing games like PvE as well as PVP.

The most exciting and appealing aspect of Heroes Charge lies in the general system of upgrading equipment. Once the player has earned enough costumes for their character, they can upgrade the hero’s appearance and higher stats than the previous. This way it is not necessary to throw away your old outfits and can use the outfits to improve your characters.

It collects your most important tasks, and summons and builds heroes. Additionally, you can join friends, upgrade your heroes and eliminate enemies in exciting and fast-paced games. More than 100 quests in the story are waiting to be completed by your take on. What heroes should you pick?


Hero Charge is a mobile game with an original horizontal with turn-based gameplay. Appears at first that it appears that the heroes in the game fight by auto-fighting. However, in the future the game’s strategies will become clear as what happens in the battle is determined by the mindset of the player.

When you enter the game close to Admiral and Admiral, it will give players two additional characters as defaults Emberstar as well as Leaves Shadow from the original two chests. After the first move and the completion of the initial quest, Two heroes Chaplain as well as Lightning Master will join the roster. Five heroes from the beginning will be with players until they can open a chest that will cost 288 diamonds.

The initial stage of Heroes Charge is relatively easy. Certain stages are more difficult and require an element of calculation ability to achieve three stars. Hero Admiral is the key player in the initial squad, with his capability to overwhelm and destroy the opponent’s abilities.

In this group, the players should concentrate on building skills for heroes who have AoE skills such as Emberstar, Lightning Master, or Admiral to easily defeat. Additionally, the Chaplain is useful with his ability to heal the entire team which is a remarkable ability that has helped make the Chaplain the favorite of several players, In the case of Leaves Shadow, he is an extremely powerful late hero. He focuses on improving his second skill, which is his ability to slow enemies as well as high crit rates.

When chapter two is completed after chapter two, players switch to the map known as the Elite. This is a unique sub-version that has the same heroes as the normal versions, however, they are significantly stronger. By enabling this upgrade, the player will be spending more than twice as much but get an item called the Hero’s Soul. It’s the item used to improve the hero’s stature and to recruit new heroes. The quest chain of Elite can help players upgrade Leaves Shadow up to 2 stars and earn precious Soul rewards.

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Features of Heroes Charge Mod Apk: –

The first step: focusing on the team level up

If you’re new to role-playing or action games many players ask about how to get their characters to a higher level faster. What can be done to increase the strength of their character? How can you earn money? Which is the one you should concentrate on first? For Heroes Charge, the thing to concentrate on at the start is to get higher levels.

They split Heroes Charge into two categories of levels, namely the level of the character as well as the level of the team. The most important thing to concentrate on is the overall level of your group. Every time you level your team up, you’ll get many benefits, like increasing the potency limit and increasing your character’s level limit.

Once you have reached a certain point at which point you can unlock options to make the cash and collect items more quickly. If you concentrate on increasing the team’s level until you reach 30, you’ll be able to access the Crusade feature which is the biggest gold mine available in Heroes Charge.

Heroes Charge Mod Apk 2023

The Daily Event is the most important event of the day.

How do you set yourself up for a quick team? It is important to prioritize your daily activities. There is no need to put in a lot of effort to get the job done. If you’re lucky enough to have some time, you can focus on your daily chores. The possibilities are endless and will self-complete every time we reach several points.

Daily Events are worth contemplating in the event of playing. These events provide a lot of experience to the team. They are simple and fast to finish. Also, it is important to maintain stamina to complete daily work.

There’s one aspect to be aware of when playing Heroes Charge, you can increase stamina each when you upgrade your squad, or you can get free through your Daily Event. However, sometimes the stamina of your player isn’t fully utilized. Therefore, the question to be asked is: will the stamina you score get to the limit, or will you lose your extra stamina? A lot of players play until they’ve run out of stamina. They then obtain 60 stamina free to not lose the stamina they have gained however it’s not necessary. If the stamina you get increased is above the limit, you’ll still get enough, however, stamina won’t heal.

Heroes Charge Mod Apk

Complete Elite levels to earn the reward

Once you have completed the daily tasks and you have enough stamina to proceed to the next quest to the Elite levels. You can only play each level of Elite Elite three times each day. Each time you play, you’ll need 12 stamina. That’s not an insignificant amount. Thus, concentrate on the game that rewards you with one of the fragments that make up the hero’s soul.

In the game Heroes Charge, there are two methods to summon heroes: open the chest, or take soul fragments. Also, the possibility of opening chests to generals is extremely limited. Be patient and collect soul fragments each day. It is a very difficult job because, on average, the three levels of elite, will only receive just one soul fragment.

The hero with the most power requires the most summoned souls. The smallest is 10 shards and the highest is around 80. Additionally, every Elite screen offers the spirit of a distinct hero, meaning you don’t have to be a rambler. Focus on the hero who your customers want for their team.

It is important to note that the soul fragments are utilized to build strength in the champion, and with each development, the champion is awarded one star. Prioritize the soul civets of champions already on the roster as well as champions who require to be. It is a good idea to consider that you could find Souls from Ice Mage, Savage One, Lightning Elemental, and Wind Master. They are generals who have extremely strong abilities.

Each character from Heroes Charge has six item slots. If you can promote all of the equipment fully, you can present this equipment directly to the hero. Then, people will be able to ask whether the equipment is captivating. Every every time the game character becomes greater strength when you do not improve the equipment. There is no answer.

If we improve the product following promotion, we’ll not be able to keep the product. However, the item will be compensated with a set amount to help you improve the item. But this amount is not equal to the amount you pay when you purchase the items.

Heroes Charge Mod Apk 2024

PVP mode

You can play against others in the Arena. Each time you win they will be able to promote you. Based on your ranking, you’ll receive a good number of gemstones. Every day the system will give an honorable reward, based on the current position.

There’s just one technique to choose your opponents. That is to figure out who has a good rank, but a low power score. The equilibrium between these two variables If you are successful, your rank will increase quite considerably.

Heroes Charge Mod Apk 2026

Equipment upgrades

You can also upgrade the stats of your equipment by giving up unneeded items. Note that when you are promoted, we only add basic stats of an item that is promoted to the player and do not add enhanced stats. Therefore, when you begin playing don’t waste cash and equipment to upgrade your equipment. Save your money for when it is needed.

Heroes Charge Mod Apk 2025

MOD Info: –

Unlimited Everything

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How to Download & Install Heroes Charge MOD APK 2023?

1- Download Heroes Charge Mod Apk From Below Link.

2- Install the Heroes Charge Mod Apk (”Allow from this source” if asked)

3- Open the Heroes Charge App

4- Enjoy 😎

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